Esports as a whole has seen tremendous growth recently, reaching and creating numerous communities with new products, new faces, and (our favorite) new games. These games typically have small, budding communities that are close-knit and supportive to the players and spectators within. There comes a certain point where these games begin to see its competition

Response to Recent Comments

In a public statement today on Twitter, Syris “Bizarre” Barnes lashed out at the Strictly Business organization making unfounded claims. The incident stems from a recent racist remark produced on stream by the former Strictly Business King of the Kill substitute player Joel “jwlkr” Walker. In his public statement, Barnes claims that Strictly Business took
Strictly Business is releasing their substitute for their H1Z1 King of the Kill team, Joel “JWLKR” Walker, for his recent racist remarks on stream. Strictly Business does not condone any form of racism. All members of the organization are held to the highest standards of professionalism, so this incident is entirely unacceptable. Joel is being
Strictly Business had an amazing online performance in the SMITE Spring Split; however, this good fortune did not continue on into the LAN finals. It became apparent to the team that some changes needed to be made in order to keep moving forward and growing as a team. Strictly Business has dropped mid laner Mr.

SMITE Console League Spring Finals

The SMITE Spring Split finals are over and it’s almost time for the Summer Split to begin. A new experience for some of the members of Strictly Business, the Spring Split finals were an intimidating challenge, but that did not stop the team from giving it their all. Due to some unfortunate plays, Strictly Business

SCL Week 2 Recap

Today marks the second week of the SCL Spring Split, and it was a very exciting week for the Strictly Business SMITE team. sB’s opponent this week was SCL world champion team the Obey Alliance. After a quick roster change early in the week, Strictly Business showed just how much their teamwork improved. sB started
      Strictly Business is pleased to announce the invitation of its H1Z1 team to the H1Z1: Fight for the Crown event that will be aired on the CW Network on April 20, 2017. The finalized Strictly Business roster for H1Z1: Fight for the Crown consists of: Charlie “cKlaas” Klaas (Captain) Cody “Ghost” Floyd

SCL Week 1 Recap

      Week one of the North American SMITE Console League Spring Split is under way and Strictly Business hit the ground running. Our newly acquired SMITE team pulled out the stops to show what they could do right away, but it just was not quite enough to pull out a win. But do

Strictly Business’ Mythical SMITE Team

      SMITE, a continuously growing eSports scene, has opened doors for many players. We are happy to announce that Strictly Business is moving into SMITE with an amazing team! The lineup for the Strictly Business SMITE team is: Sean “Reminisst” Rachet – Jungler Ryan “Niqued” Jarman – Solo Laner Mitch “Teep” Trcka –
Over a week has passed since the opening of Overwatch Season 3 of Competitive Play. The new season started only a week after Season 2’s end, and brought a whole slew of changes into the new season. As many have mentioned on the Overwatch forums, YouTube, and Twitter, the changes to the ranking system in