On this day the first of June while we celebrate the rebirth of Strictly Business Gaming we would like to also celebrate the life of an Esports icon since passed.


Phillip Klemenov was born August 14th of 1992. Phil’s alias & gamer tag “PHiZZURP” was chosen for him by one of his close friends. PHiZZURP’s journey in Esports branched out into many directions. PHiZZURP is even noted as “One of the most versatile Call of Duty Players” by Fandom. He made the most of each of his opportunities with several organizations.

PHiZZURP is well known with many championship wins; including a second place finish at MLG Anaheim 2011, & a first place finish at MLG Raleigh 2011 the beginning of his career. UMG Dallas 2013 is said to be his favorite career moment. “PhiZZURP played from losers bracket, had to play the champions twice and beat them twice to win.” (Fandom 2016) In 2016 PHiZZURP was announced as a CWL Pro League All-Star, he is also acknowledged in the UNITE Gaming hall of fame. 

In June of 2014 PHiZZURP became one of the Strictly Business family. He played with us through May of the following year. Today PHiZZURP is remembered by Jay a founder of sB as “funny, loyal, and a good friend”  Jay recalls “He was funny when he didn’t even want to be.” Yet when he wanted to be he was! 

Forever1Ghost remembers one of his many laughs with Phil on Twitter, when he was watching Anohana:the flower we saw that day. He made a post on Twitter “Watching this today guess it and I will follow you : )” PHiZZURP knew what the anime was, but responded with “1 Piece”

Ghost laughed about it & still laughed today. 

“His laugh is something I’ll always remember” Is what Jay said when remembering an “Aromatic” hotel room memory.

PHiZZURP was clearly a leader & master in his craft, yet remained humble through & through. “Huge Map Awareness” are the words Jay used to describe him. “He just knew how to dominate…”

And yet PHiZZURP stayed humble. “He always tried to give to everyone & the community. It didn’t matter who he played for, or what org he was on, he stayed the same.”

PHiZZURP impacted the Esports community & members of sB in many different ways. “He was one of the few who made me believe in Esports…” & “He made it so Esports was fun” are two of the ways PHiZZURP lead Forever1Ghost to continue a career in Esports content & management. 

On October 2nd of 2016 PHiZZURP was taken too soon after a fatal car accident in Aurora Colorado. The Esports industry was shaken by the announcement video posted by Adrianna, PHiZZURP’s girlfriend, and by the Facebook statement released by H2K the org PHiZZURP was associated with at the time of his passing.  

PHiZZURP is commemorated each year on October 2nd by the Esports community with a memorial tournament. 

In remembering PHiZZURP today, both Jay & Forever1Ghost agree PHiZZURP would belong in this new Strictly Business empire we are building. “His presence streaming was the exact fit we need. He would help build up the ideas we have in a, PHiZZURP type fashion.” & “I wish he was here to have fun with us.” Is how Jay & Forever1Ghost would like to celebrate his life & celebrate this new chapter of Strictly Business Gaming.