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Strictly Business at HCS Orlando 2022


Going into HCS Orlando, Strictly Business Gaming looked to Pmak, Mop2Clutch, Helusik, & Conspiracy led by Repub to represent them throughout the Halo Championship Series event held in Orlando this past weekend. sB chose this team due to their connection to the community & their NoLiMiT culture that they adhere to themselves. 

Despite their loss in their first match to Team Xcluded 2-1, Strictly Business’ team continued to push past their limits to move forward to win against West of 95. They proceeded to sweep West of 95 2-0 to move onward to round 3.


In round 3 the team really gained momentum & support. Representatives from Strictly Business like our very own content creator GodLo & his wife showed their support in person at Orlando to interact with everyone & stream their matches in person. Community manager Shifting Soul , myself & of course General Manager Classic came to support the team from all over on the east coast. 


The round 3 match against the First Rounders was again a sweep for the sB Team. This win secured their advance into LR 4. In the following round the team really showed what they could do & what playing for Strictly Business & NoLiMiT really meant to them.


Halo Legend FlameSword, a previous Optic player & Halo Championship holder oversaw the Status Quo team & actively coached the team in HCS Orlando. Nobody could have anticipated the battle that was about to ensue between Strictly Business Gaming & Status Quo in Station 12.


Round one of Strictly Business vs Status Quo was capture the flag. While Helusik stayed laser focused on the objective Pmak & Conspiracy took advantage of openings & created setups for Mop2Clutch to come in & destroy, leading to sB taking the win in round 1. Flamesword not anticipating the loss began to become noticeably displeased.

Round 2’s challenge was Slayer. Status Quo was not giving an inch in this one.  The moment Mop2Clutch or Helusik tried to gain momentum Status Quo shut them down.  Strictly Business lost round 2.


Round 3 was odd ball. As crowds formed around Station 12 & Flamesword’s displeasure grew, excitement & encouragement flew for team Strictly Business! Helusik continually remained calm & Repub helped keep the team aligned & on objective.  After a solid fight team sB won round 3 taking the lead 2-1 over Status Quo.


Saturday morning began early at Station 2, sB’s team faced off against ExoEsports. This team is a personal rival of Pmak, Helusik, Conspiracy, & Mop2Clutch. It was a rematch they had been anticipating after a previous scrim loss. With the arrival of support from Strictly Business founders Jay Cesar & Endofstory_sb. Team sB clutched the win sweeping ExoEsports 2-0. All that could be said following the win was GG’s Exo It’s nothing personal, it’s strictly business.

After the ExoEsports win, Strictly Business moved on to take on Team WaR. Despite valiant efforts from the team, Team WaR swept Strictly Business 2-0. This concluded the progression of sB in the Halo Championship Series in Orlando.


sB’s team members continued to participate & interact with the community at the venue. They participated in the Free For All, & Money 8’s, as well as some members of Strictly Business participated in the Dolby Last Spartan Standing challenge. 


Despite only ranking in the top 35 & landing in the 33rd seed, other teams well known and small could be heard asking “Is that sB?” “Is sB back?” 

Yes, Strictly Business is definitely back. 

Where sB will go in the Esports scene is still to be questioned, but one thing is for sure. You will be seeing unique content from our creators like GodLo & we look forward to embracing the community like never before. 


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