Owner / Founder

Darian “QBA” Melendrez

Hi, my name is Darian Melendrez. I am one of Strictly Business Gaming’s Owners and Founders. I have been gaming since 2006, my first game was Gears of War and Graw 2.

Owner / Founder

Jayme “FREAGY” Negron

Hello my name is Jay Negron. My gamer tag is FrEaGyToAsT sB. I’m one of Strictly Business Gaming’s owner, and founder. I have been gaming for 11 years now. I started off playing PC Gaming, and moved to console gaming in 2007 shortly before Call of Duty 4 came out. Gaming will always be my passion!

Owner / Founder

Jeremy “STORY” Negron

Hello, my name is Jeremy Negron. My gamer tag is Story sB, and I’m one of the original founder, and owner of Strictly Business Gaming. I’ve been gaming for over decade now, and I’ve had the opportunity to game with a lot of amazing gamers out there. I game a lot on my part time but I’m a full time dad, and husband. Gaming is my life, and watching this site grow is my ultimate goal. Enjoy the site, and thank you for being the best part of sB gaming!

Owners / Founder

Fernando “Polo” Lopez