The 2022 Overwatch League season started with the Kickoff Clash on the 5th of May. This year’s league will follow a similar format to the previous 2021 Overwatch League season. However there are some impactful changes to the game Maps, Characters, & Play, The biggest effect being the use of the Overwatch 2 Beta. One of the most exciting changes to the 2022 season over 2021 is that we can expect to see in person live events! The following weeks showed some unique plays & allowed for some teams to take a strong lead, while others fell to the wayside. 

The Big Changes & How they Stacked Up

Where the big differences kicked in, is the change in the game play from a 6v6 to a 5v5, this combined with playing with one less tank creates a much faster paced Overwatch League match. These two factors pose a new challenge and create a different gameplay throughout the league this year. In addition to gameplay changes, a new hero has been added to the frey & changes to pre existing heroes have been made. We will be standing by to see who Overwatch League announces as the official hero picks for the 2022 league. The new variations in the 2022 Overwatch League season have also posed a challenge for Betting

How do all of these changes to the 2022 season compare to the last year? 

According to Nerd Street “Viewership peak only slightly higher than 2021 opening weekend” With only an increased difference of 8,000 more viewers on the opening weekend this is a bit disappointing. The amount of hype & excitement surrounding the Overwatch 2 Beta  Would have led one to believe that the viewership of the opening weekend would have been significantly higher.

Stream issues & technical difficulties are presumed to be the main effects of the numbers difference. The live event matches may also have affected the opening weekend numbers. 

Week One

Week one of the Kickoff Clash began by dividing the teams into 2 regionally sectioned groups, East & West.